Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 2015


A quiet year. Tommie and Cortney were up for a week and then Bob, the dogs, and I stayed another 5 days or so.

We learned pretty quickly that the roof was leaking -- at the chimney and above the laundry room. Tommie spent a little while on the roof with a product that was sprayed on. It worked really well!

Not many blueberries this year -- I'm wondering if there was a late frost. We didn't bother trying to pick any -- there weren't any at the Farmers' Market in Liskeard so we knew it wasn't going to happen.

The temperatures were lovely. We arrived to a warm day but it was never too warm after that. There was a lot of rain -- way more than predicted.

Before we came up, Bob had been working pretty hard to redo the outside water shut-off valve. It has been horrible try to turn it on and off each year. One year we were delayed almost an hour going home.... just trying to get the tool onto the value and turn it off.
So he came up with a larger valve out of PVC -- he put it all together beforehand and installed it once we were here. The installation was delayed due to the rain, and then once the ground was dug up he discovered that it was different than he remembered. It took an extra day (without water!) to get the new supplies and put them together, but in the end he was successful! It will be a joy to use the new tool this year.....

Heather, 8/27/15