Friday, August 17, 2012

Into the Future

So much about the charm of this cabin comes from its past. The nearly 100-year-old log cabin structure, the charming, cozy decor from the Auntie. But, as useful as it was for many decades, the little GE apartment-sized washing machine had washed its last load and needed to be replaced. Since we rarely (never) used the dryer, it seemed logical to replace the two.

We opted for a used washer/dryer combo and after getting one sold out from under us by a Craig's List seller, purchased a lovely little rebuilt unit from an appliance shop in Center Line. We didn't realize it, but because it was used, there was no duty to pay at the border. She just waved us on!

It took Bob several days to install it. First he had to wire a 220 plug. There was some worry about the cabin not having the capacity, but after we talked to the engineer from the township we realized that the water heater and range were already running on 220. It was Bob's first attempt at something like this and he was completely successful. (No electrical fires.)

Next he had to plumb the machine, which required several more trips into New Liskeard, more $$, and another learning curve. But he prevailed and the washer/dryer was up and running.

It was such a pleasure to put in a load and walk away. The little GE washer was a great appliance in its day, but when you did the washing, you devoted an entire day to that. Everything was hands-on.  The new one is just a slightly smaller version of a home washer. So much less work. And it completely rinses the soap out of the clothing! The dryer is quick -- I checked it about 2/3 of the way through its first cycle and everything was dry and sweet smelling.

I washed everything in no time, and then moved on to fabric around the cabin. Most of the curtains. All of the dry, stiff towels. Even the hot pads. What a pleasure!

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